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How to place your order online at www.calzadosdigodigo.com


- It is necessary to register to place your orders (you only have to register the first time filling in all the fields of the form). Then wait to be activated by us.


- Once activated, you will have your user (your email) and your password (the one you have entered in the registry), to access and see the catalog of articles, their prices and place your order.


- Next you must select the article you want, being able to access:

       - For the image of the '' Shopping cart '' (fast mode)

       - By the image of the '' Eye '' (to have more detailed characteristics of the article)


- When accessing, all available colors and numbers will appear. You only have to fill in the numbering you want in each color and numbering, and click on the "Add to cart" button.


- Automatically these will go to the "Cart" (it is located at the top right of the screen in the image of the '' Shopping cart ''), and you can '' Continue buying '' or '' End order ''


- You can, at any time, modify or eliminate the numbering of each model requested in your order from the '' Cart ''.


- Once you have finished adding items, in the '' Cart '' there is a "Process order" button. When you click on it, you must follow the following steps by filling in the billing and shipping address, selecting the method of collection or delivery, and choosing the payment method. (Payment in cash in stock, transfer to bank account, payment by card and cash on delivery (only valid for mainland Spain)).


- We will receive your order proposal, and once we have it ready, we will send you an email with the merchandise we have prepared, the lack of stock, prices, ... (In this mail, we will also include an assessment of the shipping costs ).


- You will review what we have prepared for you (having the option to modify or cancel the order if you think it is necessary),

       If you agree with the final order, confirm it and we will send you the corresponding proforma invoice to make the payment.


- Upon receiving the payment notification, we will send the goods immediately.





Step 1: Register as an online customer, and we will activate your account so you can access.

Step 2: Access the catalog and quickly select the models to order, with all their colors and numbering available.

Step 3: Finish the order and we will send you the availability information of your order.

Step 4: See what we have prepared for your order, modify it or accept it.

Step 5: Once accepted, make the payment of the order with any of the forms of payment that we offer (transfer, credit card, refund and payment in store).